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Visit our support blog, The Hitchhiker's Guide To Websites. We offer articles on building & caring for your website. Also, we offer free nerdy news, movie trailers, products & more. We are also starting to blog about legitimate Work From Home jobs & other WFM opprotunities. Come visit soon!

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Visit Nerd of Fortune's YouTube Channel and link any of the videos to your website, for FREE. We have HIGH Quality background videos, niche specific videos and other fun stuff on our YouTube Channel. Simply copy the shortened URL or the Embed Code & enjoy!

Lightning Fast Custom Coded Websites

Tired of your WordPress website being so slow or looking like crap on mobile? Always needing to reach out to the designer (for a fee) to speed things up or fix it all to often? Well let Nerd of Fortune HOOK YOU UP with a jet speed custom coded website. Straight HTML | CSS | JS & a few other things. If your online presence needs mobile resposiveness, speed & performance above all else, reach out to The Nerd!

Additional Resources & Fun Links

Below I have added links to great resources: to learn, acquire beautiful high quality imagery, innovative code samples, links to practice & store your work - and other great & nerdy stuff!

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Custom Code WebSite Templates

Want me to build you a stunning online presence? Here are a few ready made, custom coded website templates to choose from. Get a feel for what your site may look like. How it responds on mobile. How LIGHTNING FAST it could be. Any one of these templates can be CUSTOMIZED to your specifications. Take note that some of these websites have additional pages & an ELEMENTS page. The ELEMENTS page is not part of the site but there to show you the different ELEMENTS I can add to YOUR websites.
Stop losing business & site visitors because your site is slow or looks bad on a cellphone. Step up your game with a LIGHTNING FAST Nerd of Fortune custom coded website...


'Ifna is a fun, modern website template with minimal design, smooth animations and clean typography. It offers hover activated tiles that can house spectacular imagery and link to articles, art or other websites

See 'Ifna'


I love Portland, Oregon. I named this template after the city I love. PDX is a sleek, modern business-style responsive site template. Perfect for ANY business or agency. PDX offers smooth transitional movements, elegant imagery and great extra pages.



If you love loud & bright and LOTS of bells & whistels then DJ is for you. This particular example is styled to be a DJ or an event website. With sleek movements & special features, it is perfect for any website

See DJ


RadiUs is built SPECIFICALLY for the Artist | Photographer | Blogger. It is an awesome photo gallery template built around a masonry-style grid. It also offers an amazing launch graphic that REALLY makes this one of my favorite.

See RadiUs


Space, the final frontier. This template is sleek & super responsive. Suitable for a blog or portfolio website. Also can be used to showcase products. Space has smooth movements, VERY mobile friendly & is LIGHTNING FAST!

See Space


Minimalism is all the rage but, sometimes, a website needs more or a LOT. So, I bring you Beaucoup (a lot in French). Beaucoup has a lot of bells & whistles, is elegant & responsive.

See Beaucoup


Like THIS website you're on? Well then you'll LOVE Base. An uber responsive & tweakable template that can be molded to any website niche. Fast, responsive & looks GREAT on mobile!

See Base


A minimalist approach offers an elegant & simple platform for the photographer to present their work. This template offers, quite literally, the bare minimum with photographers in mind.

See Copa


Tiles is a portfolio/blog website template built for companies or personal freelancers. The smooth movements and cool colors (colors can be edited, of course) make this template one of my favorites. The imagery possibilities make this template VERY fun to work with.

See Tiles


Want something different, with it's own 'quirk'? Well Quirk is just that. A very different approach to the presentation makes this fast & responsive template a bit quirky.

See Quirk


Nice is a highly mobile responsive template designed in CSS 'Flex Box' to insure speed & mobile responsiveness. Not too much & definately not to little, it is just 'Nice'.

See Nice


Like my business site Nerd of Fortune? Well then, you'll LOVE Atlas. A highly responsive & mobile friendly template perfect for ANY business. It was good enough for me!

See Atlas

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