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About Keywords Suggestion Tool

Create Traffic Driving Keyswords Effortlessly


You know that keywords are essential to your online business, right?

Sure, they are. But here's why:

Depending solely on the keywords you brainstorm for with just your head won't take you far in your online business journey.

You need an established system with which you can generate a constant stream of keyword suggestions to combine with your seed keywords.

Having relevant keywords generated for you automatically from a reliable source saves you time and effort, and enables you to target more germane search terms. It also helps you increase your marketing return on investment (ROI).

That makes keyword suggestions a key activity in keyword research and search engine optimization (SEO) in general.


The N3rdBase keyword research tool comes with the following features:

  • Up to 100 different keyword suggestions per search.
  • The recent popularity/trending record of the keyword based on Google Trends. This helps you see whether the keyword is declining or increasing in popularity.
  • Options to check related keywords, keyword position, and long-tail keywords for the original keyword you entered.

You can access all these features for every seed keyword you search for, for free. And despite all the features it packs, the tool is extremely easy to use and very fast.



HEY N3RD! HOW DO I USE IT? (You may ask)


First off, Keyword Suggestion Tool is free to use and does NOT require you to register or create an account or anything like that. You're free to use the tool any time and there's no limit to the number of searches you can perform. FREE FOR LIFE NERDS!!!!

To use this online keyword finder, simply follow these steps:

Step #1: Get on the above-the-fold section of the Keyword Analysis Tool page (you should be here already)

Step #2: Enter your desired keyword in the space provided and select the country you want to base your search on.

Step #3: Click on “Submit” to process the request.

Immediately, the tool will return the result, including all the features listed earlier.

Using our Keyword Suggestion Tool not only make your work as a content professional easier, it also allows you to determine the most profitable search terms to create content around and optimize your website for

So go ahead now and start using it. Also, feel free to rate this tool using the rating feature available on our website. You can also check out some more of our SEO tools like Keyword Density Checker, Keyword Position Checker, and Back Link Maker.



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