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05/06/2017 6:06 AM



N3rdBase was born out of neccessity. I was tired of using 3rd party online tools with malicious redirects, constant pop ups asking me to subscibe and other annoying content. Why can't there just be something helpful, and free, without all of the strings attached?

So, I created N3rdBase and SEO.N3rdBase. With WELL OVER 50 FREE TOOLS, N3rdBase and SEO.N3rdBase offers the website developer, designer owner - novice and pro alike - all of the tools neccessary to make sure their websites and online busninesses are the best they can possibly be.

Best thing, IT'S FREE FOR LIFE. Now, if you want a downloadable PDF from the SEO.N3rdBase Website Analyzer, a FREE account is required - BUT THAT'S IT!! I won't add you to any mailing lists, I won't bug your to look at this product or that sponsor. Just free tools, FOR LIFE, to use whenever you like. Good deals huh?

Now, I DO have a newsletter. But, you need to SIGN UP manually for it. That way, I KNOW you want to get free info, tips and news in your email inbox. Otherwise, I WILL NEVER SOLICIT YOU EVER.

We do run ads here. Mostly Google Adsense ads. They are strictly to monetize the website. We also have a few affiliate ads. Hey, if you see something you're interest in, GO FOR IT. If not, NO WORRIES. Keep enjoying the FREE TOOLS at N3rd Base and SEO.N3rdBase. Always online, always free, always for YOU...








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