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About Google Cache Checker

This is our highly sophisticated Google Cache Checker, an excellent tool to help you in figuring out if any of your pages is serving cached web pages. What is a cache? It is a technique that is set to store website docs temporarily. These documents comprise of HTML and images with the aim of reducing bandwidth usage, perceived lag, and web server load. Thus, a web cache can store copies of docs, which go through it. And afterward, all subsequent requests may also be mollified from the cache if particular conditions fruitfully met. A few of the most common caching techniques are Quickcache and jpcache.

If you are an SEO expert, who needs to deliver customized reports that involve analytics but you don’t have sufficient amount of time, then N3rdbase's Google Cache Checker might be the most outstanding tool for you. It is 100% free and comprises of easily flexible interface that enables you to generate results you are looking for within only a few seconds without you having to wait for a long time to get the answer. You can scrutinize a particular website and insert correct information regarding Google cache status that is for each website URL and based upon once that was last modified or changed. You can collect data in real time and date of each and every cache that can support you instantly recognize or check for any problems or issues.


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