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Google Cache Checker

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About Google Cache Checker

Cache is a data stored locally to speedup the access without accessing the source data on the server. You computers, smartphones and browsers cache the data locally and use to speedup the repetitive processes you do. For example, Google Chrome browser will cache the website data on your PC and use that when you open pages from that site. It helps you to reduce the page loading time and avoid using server bandwidth to send the same files again and again over network.

Google search engine crawls and indexes billions of web pages on daily basis. After crawling a web page for the first time, Google will cache the page content and show the search results from the cache. This will make the search process faster as Google no need to contact the origin web server for each time. The purpose is similar to caching on your computer and browsers to speedup the process.

Here is a free tool to check whether Google cached your webpage or not. You can check up to 20 URLs at time and get the status. Make sure to provide each web page URL in a separate line and complete format with https.

Google Cache Checker Input

If the page is cached you will see the last cached date.

Google Cached Date Result

If not cached by Google, you will see the status as "Not Cached".

Google Cache Checker Not Cached


You can find the cached content in Google from the search results page also. When you are in Google search results, you can notice a small down arrow button next to the page URL. You can click on the down arrow to see the "Cached" option. This an indication that web page is shown from the Google cache and not from the live URL.


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